What kind of wood is used for making chairs?
As a rule chairs are made of beech wood. It is possible to do oak chairs. Chair with number "18" is usually oak.

Do you produce only stylish furniture, are there only stylish furniture shown on the website?
At the moment, furniture factory ‘Czart’ produces only stylish furniture.

Can I order a different upholstery chairs than you propose to your chair?
Our chairs can be upholstered with customer's material. You can call and ask if the upholstery is needed for a given number of seats.

What kind of leather is used for lounge suites and can they be ordered in any color?

For the production of our leather lounge suites the furniture factory uses only grain leather made in Italy. The color palette from which the rest can be made  covers about 20 colors.

I have learned that your furniture factory produces leather lounge suites at very attractive prices. Does it mean they are made worse then another?
Our leather lounge suites do not differ from the products of other companies in any way. On the contrary - we use only the best leathers, and our shelves are oak or oak mixed with MDF.

liked the ‘Kasztelan system’ that you offer. What is it made of?
Our factory produces stylish furniture "Kasztelan" since the beginning of the existence of our company. This furniture is made of oak. Stylish oak furniture has its own charm, and for many years pleases an eye of beautiful interiors lovers.

What kind of chair does your factory suggests for the "Nero" system?
The “Nero” system is a stylish furniture, so the chair must be selected appropriately. We offer chair no. 63.

Is it possible to order untypical tables and benches?
As for the dimensions of almost every table and every bench they may have slightly changed dimensions. However, for the unusual dimensions of tables and benches, please contact us.

Where is the ‘Czart’ furniture factory located?
‘Czart’ furniture factory is about 3 km from Wadowice in the direction of Nowy Sacz. Map, along with the necessary contact information is in the contact section.