About us

The ‘Czart’ Furniture Factory is a company with long tradition. We have been in business for 30 years. By this time we were able to consolidate its position in the furniture market

We specialize in the manufacture of stylized furniture from oak, alder and beech in which massif prevails (all fronts and some finishes are made of solid wood). We offer a wide range of furniture, patterns and colors. Increasingly, in order to meet the requirements of our customers, we design individual projects such as bars, restaurant equipment, etc.

Our customers are furniture stores across the country, which increasingly want to have in their offer durable furniture with character

We provide continuous and fast delivery with our own transport, marketing materials (catalogs, samplers), advising of our sales representatives.


‘Czart’ company has a 10 thousand m/2 pavilion which offers a large selection of furniture, the leading domestic and foreign manufacturers. We also manufacture our own products, therefore, can be made on virtually every furniture buyer's request.


Very helpful in choosing is that you can see  examples of interior rooms design in our pavilion. Our consultants are happy to help you in choosing the furniture. It is possible for our employees to come to the customer's home to measure, and consult. We also offer many accessories to home furnishings such as: porcelain, enamel, mirrors, oil paintings and cheap reproductions, bedspreads and many other little things that will make your house look beautiful.


We can negotiate a discount and free transport. Often, you can find an attractive offers.